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The 8 Major Benefits of Milk Thistle

To put it simply, any herb like Milk Thistle that gets this much attention must really have something!

In fact, Milk Thistle is one of the most studied and best understood of all the herbs. Milk Thistle's active ingredient is Silymarin, which is responsible for most of its health benefits.
The following are just eight of the dozens of benefits of Milk Thistle - found in pure extract form in AMS Naturals' Liver Support Formula:
1. Liver Cirrhosis:  Cirrhosis is a complex liver disease[1] caused by years of alcohol abuse and/or liver damage as a result of hepatitis B and C.  Patients affected by this liver condition can receive benefits from Milk Thistle, which is shown to help repair liver cells and restore their function.
2. Acne:  Millions of people suffering with acne can clear their skin - this benefit of Milk Thistle is due to its blood cleansing abilities.
3. Cancer:  According to some studies, active compounds Silymarin and Silibinin found in Milk Thistle supplements can effectively cease the growth of certain cancer cells[2].
4. Blood Sugar:  Milk Thistle supplements, combined with a low glycemic diet and moderate exercise, have proven effective for the control of blood sugar levels within healthy norms.[3]
5. Indigestion:  Simple indigestion can be alleviated with the help of milk thistle supplements. Milk Thistle can stimulate bile production necessary for proper digestion and its mild laxative properties will help establish regular waste elimination pattern.
6. Cholesterol:  Benefits of Milk Thistle are not limited to improving liver and digestive functions. Milk Thistle can also help fight high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), while increasing counts of good (HDL) cholesterol.
7. Liver Damage from Medication: Toxic liver damage, a result of taking certain prescription medications for extended periods of time, can be alleviated by taking the recommended dosage of Milk Thistle supplements. Milk Thistle will support the liver to remove harmful element traces of these chemicals, helping to restore liver cell function.
8. Allergies:  Sufferers of seasonal, food and skin allergies have one thing in common, high levels of toxic accumulation in the liver. This may trigger unusual immune system responses. Milk thistle supplements can support your body to restore liver health and boost your immunity.

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