Andy from Honolulu, Hawaii. 

"The Joint support is great! I've been taking it for the last 3 weeks and I can physically feel my joints working better. I've been running for 22 years now, and just finished the 2011 Honolulu Marathon. I usually have joint pains after running marathons and long distance, but this time around, because I consistently took the AMS Naturals Joint Support Formula, I have no pain! Thank you for making this formula - it's the best one I've tried. It actually works."

Jody from Pearl City, Hawaii. 

"The Anahit cream works like a charm for my skin! My skin's always been very very sensitive to everything, including face wash, creams, and most moisturizers. I use Anahit every day now, to hydrate and moisturize my skin. Not only is this cream great for moisturizing, but I find my skin to be shinier, firmer,and I've even noticed that the small wrinkles around my eyes have faded. I bought this cream for my daughter too, she loves it! She has a few scars on her arms that she has been self conscious about. She has been using Anahit and the scars are fading. I've bought three bottles already, and I'm going to order more as gifts. It's hard to make a quality natural cream - you guys have done a great job. Thank you!" 

Mike from Sacramento, California.

"Your Noni, Acai, and Goji supplements really work. I hope you continue making them and continue to grow your line of all natural herbal supplements.  My immune system was compromised after I took antibiotics to treat an infection. A friend of mine referred me to your website, and I bought your products to try them and to support a Hawaii business. The Noni is an incredible immunity booster - I take this everyday before going to work. My coworkers are always sick coughing, and I used to catch whatever they had but now, after taking Noni, it's almost as if I have magic immunity to any virus around me. I bought the Acai and Goji for my wife - she opens a capsule and pours the extract onto her morning yogurt and honey. She really likes the combination because Acai supports her immunity and weight loss effort, and the Goji keeps her young! Well, that's what she says. Thanks, and keep it up!"