AMS Naturals - Anahit: Face & Body

Anahit: Face & Body


Product Description

Feel Like You’ve Visited a World Class Spa Every Day. Anahit is the Ultimate!

It’s almost like going to an expensive spa and receiving a face and body treatment that relaxes you and makes you feel more radiant – Anahit is the key. Collected from the nutrient rich soil of the Armenian highlands, we combine rare herbal extracts and powerful healing natural oils to make a solution your skin will love! To create this product, each flower is picked, beeswax collected, and the apricot oil meticulously extracted by hand.

Named after the Armenian goddess of healing and beauty, this beautifying balm has an all natural pink hue and the scent of wild flowers and honey.

Boxed caringly by hand in Hawaii, Anahit works like magic! You’ll have less fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look and feel smoother. It even heals acne and minimizes large pores. Smile knowingly to yourself as your friends tell you how well rested and happy you look. Anahit is your own secret special discovery. Supply strictly limited. Buy Anahit while this special product is still available. 

We consider Anahit our miracle formula for the face and body because its benefits are endless. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles - nourishes dry, cracked, and abraded skin - reduces scarring and recovery time from burns – moisturizes and hydrates – minimizes large pores – heals acne – rejuvenates dry and dull skin – and brings back radiance of the skin.

Ingredients: Pine tree extract, wild flower extracts (myosotis and geranium flowers), madder root extract, apricot extract, cocao-tree oil, and beeswax. These ingredients are all-natural and picked from the wild in the highlands of Armenia.